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Physico-chemical cleaning of inert waste streams

Water separation technique Circular concept On-site quayside infrastructure

West Recycle is your partner in cleaning inert waste materials from various waste-related sectors (including construction, metal, recycling, dismantling, storage, agriculture, etc.). A tailor-made water separation technique allows a diverse range of (contaminated) materials, surpluses, debris and residues to be cleaned in a professional and environmentally friendly manner. These substances include sorting sieve residues, sorting sieve sands, bottom ashes, soils, debris flows and shredder residues.

West Recycle is a zero-discharge company that reuses all wastewater from the production process, achieving strong environmental targets and criteria. All residuals are reused in the system; we are therefore further expanding the circular concept (circular economy) in both Flanders and beyond.

We have our own quay along the Ghent-Bruges-Ostend canal and are therefore happy to promote the application of bulk waste flows via this waterway. Transport over water saves many vehicle kilometres and truck movements, which has a major ecological impact, increases flexibility and offers many logistical optimisations.

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Production of secondary raw materials

In a world where primary raw materials are becoming scarcer, West Recycle – reaching a waste processing capacity of at least 250,000 tons on an annual basis – contributes to the reuse of recycled raw materials. We convert materials such as sand, gravel and stones into high-quality products for concrete-related industries, which reduces the need for primary extraction. Some examples of secondary raw materials produced by West Recycle are:

  1. Lands that were cleaned for architectural uses (sub-foundations, dike bodies …);
  2. Lands to be used as soil;
  3. Cleaned and calibrated granulates used as secondary unmoulded building material;
  4. Cleaned and calibrated granulates as a secondary raw material for, among others, the concrete sector.

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info@westrecycle.be +32 (0) 59 70 00 89

Free waste scan & contact

We are happy to visit you on-site to carry out a free waste scan without any obligations. Request a quote using the contact form or simply reach out to us by e-mail:

Commercial responsible:
Rik Tanghe
+32 471 65 92 05

General information:

+32 59 70 00 89

You can always contact us by phone at +32 59 70 00 89.

Opening hours: Ma - vr: 6u - 18u

Address: Esperantolaan 16b, B-8400 Ostends (itinerary)

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